Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not that easy for everybody, you should have those guts to be an entrepreneur. There are many things involved in the process of being an entrepreneur. Firstly, you have to make up your mind to become an entrepreneur. On one side your family and friends are earning so much amount of money on monthly basis and on the other side, to reach there you have to go through numerous difficulties like mentally, financially, technically and socially. And when you overcome from all these hurdles, it is then; you are on the verge of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Recently, there is this one story I have heard- Rithvik has his own traditional business. He completed his mechanical engineering from a renowned engineering college with good grades. Then in campus interview, he got selected in his dream company but he never joined it. His dream was always to become an entrepreneur, right from his childhood. Hence, he joined his own traditional business in his own City. While doing his business, he has been going through various processes like procurement, labor handling negotiations, time limits to complete projects and so on. But what he has to do is to work on the field and what he gets in reality, is very less amount of money compared to his friend who works in a MNC. Sometimes he gets frustrated while thinking of this. He keeps working hard but the results are not that much satisfying according to him. But the elderly people in his family are very satisfied with his work. They always keep saying him- "Don't measure everything in amounts of money. There is always much more than that what you get in Entrepreneurship." And they are absolutely correct. Entrepreneurship is not only regarding money. You are frustrated many times and negative thoughts get heavier on you than the positive ones. People enquire you about your products but the chances thereby are very less. Such kind of problems make you frustrated, fill your mind full of negative thoughts, but what you have to do is "LAGE RAHO".
And then one day something happens and you get a big opportunity that has come your way. Rithvik faced the same. He went through all these problems.
But the basic difference is, he now has learnt from mistakes, he learnt his marketing strategy, he learnt operations, he learnt management, he learnt how to establish system in your company so that you can run your company in your own physical absence.
Hence, I think learning is the process which builds an entrepreneur within you. When this learning stops, you are no more an entrepreneur. Some years later while looking back from where he started, Rithvik says, the situations I faced made me become more rigid about my dreams, made me more interesting about the process, gave me power to overcome the negativity in me through the positivity and made me more healthy than I thought to.
Rithvik compared himself with his friends but took it in a positive way like he is running a company and his friends are some employees in a company. The problem is not local or MNC. In Entrepreneurship, you never compare yourself with others. Rithvik did the same mistake but he recovered with positive thoughts in a very good way. It starts from your thinking and he changed that. The fundamentals, the thinking.
Today Rithvik has free time more than his friends. He now can explore various ideas and has a very good income. This all happens gradually and steadily, takes time as you have to go through one process to another and this is what entrepreneurship is..!!
Be a Learner… Be an Entrepreneur.

- Makarand Ayachit
Techsowth Electrical Infra

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