DC solar products- What is driving the increased demand?

DC solar products- What is driving the increased demand?


India is at a growth curve, largely fuelled by the expansion of domestic manufacturing. The country’s ‘Make in India’ initiative encourages a need for new infrastructure, which requires more electricity.

India will add nearly 600 million new electricity consumers by 2040, as per the International Energy Agency (IEA). Considering the increasing population — along with a high policy priority to make power accessible across India — renewable forms of energy offer the best solution.

The rising demand for power along with extreme urbanisation makes the time ripe for India to embrace all things solar. While we observe a huge growth in its rooftop solar and grid market across the country, DC solar products are seeing good traction in rural India.

Reasons for Increase demand for DC Products

There are two main driving forces behind the increasing demand for DC products. One is the elimination of inverters. 

Reason 1: There is a global trend of distributed energy generation through rooftop solar panels, keeping the generation closer to the consumption. Since solar does not generate 24x7 power, there is a need to store the generated power. The energy from solar panels is stored in batteries and retrieved natively in DC power.

Reason 2: Homes and Offices are gradually moving towards DC appliances because of a new level of efficiency it offers. They are gradually switching to LED bulbs and tube lights for lighting, electronic gadgets and even appliances like LED/LCD television and refrigerators, which were earlier powered by AC, are moving towards DC. Newer designs and products are DC-based, which work on solar-DC inverter-less controller.

About DC Products & Appliances

It is hard not to notice that the variety of products in the market, which run on DC, is low. It is limited to lights, fans, television, inverters, lanterns, water and well pumps, and air conditioners.

DC products have worked best when its size is small. Bigger appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners have not gone mainstream yet because DC at higher voltages are very dangerous and prone to efficiency losses which also why we generally use AC power. Besides, these are new technologies, which are difficult to repair and often require bulky batteries to store additional power

Offering by SolarMarts

Solar Mart’s store provides variety of DC products such as Solar Table/Travelling Lamps, Solar Power Back up System Kit, Solar Wireless Motion Sensor wall mount LED at an economical rate. You can also get various products such as Solar panels, off grid Inverters, BOS and set a small off-grid plant at your home

We at SolarMarts believe that “Rural India and its villages need solar power the most as there is electricity shortage at these places. The Indian market is ripe for products like lighting solutions and solar pumps. Rural India is looking beyond kerosene, wood and organic waste and slowly realising that renewable alternative like solar power are much safer and more cost effective. A rural Indian household consumes about 18 litres of kerosene a month and most of it gets used for light. The expense comes up to about INR 150 a month. At that pace, a solar table lamp’s cost can be recovered in about three-four months.”

Interested to buy solar DC products at a reasonable price?

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