Solar industry, providing sustainable jobs to sustainability mindsets

Solar industry, providing sustainable jobs to sustainability mindsets

Solar industry, providing sustainable jobs to sustainability mindsets

Solar industry is a budding industry which is yet to make its mark upon the global market scales. The 100 GW solar power capacity by 2022 target set by India seems a bit farfetched but when various factors taken into consideration, especially the fact that Solar industry is a labor-intensive industry we find the milestone astonishingly achievable!

With example states like Gujarat and Rajasthan we find the roadmap all laid down in front of us in the form of state-level policies employed by the aforementioned states. ‘India Today’ has projected that the solar industry has the potential to create over 300,000 jobs in areas like manufacturing, project designing, construction, business development and operation & maintenance. It is no surprise that time and again Indian govt. has demonstrated its support for transitioning to solar in the form of various incentives offered to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Unemployment, according to the Economic Times, in the recent years has been baring its fangs upon the Indian populace, with the unemployment rate reaching a staggering 8% in April 2021 (Urban employment rate standing at 8.4%). What better way to tackle unemployment, which also helps in reduction of dependence on fossil fuels!

The rural economy stands to benefit the most as there are a number of application areas in the rural sector. Supplying grid electricity (electricity generated via traditional methods) to Rural India has always been a challenge as transmission costs, transmission losses and the setting up of the transmission systems has always acted as hindrances. The advent of solar industry into the Indian marketspace truly weakened these hindrances to the point where several rural areas in India are already solar powered! And the locals have been employed for operating, maintaining and repairing of these PV systems.

A very successful application example of solar power in rural India would be the Chhattisgarh state Saur Sujala Scheme and ‘Kusum Yojana’ from state of Maharashtra,  The scheme’s primary objective was to provide farmers with subsidized solar irrigation pumps. These pumps enabled the farmers to grow multiple crops throughout the year and reap more profits than before, operating and maintaining personnel were also from the local community. By this example, it is evident that solar power not only creates jobs but is also capable of supporting jobs in other industries!

There is often a statement that comes up when analyzing the job prospects in solar industry, “Human resource supply is yet to catch-up with the Human resource demand in the industry”. But do we really realize what it means?

The statement describes the terrible mismatch between the demand and supply of talent in the industry. Experts attribute it to the fact that there is a lack of skills among the job seekers and the solar industry, or it may be stated more appropriately, lack of suitable skills. In my opinion, there is a lack of proper communication of the skill requirement to the jo b seekers by the industry, and which is by no fault of the industry in itself.

Solarmarts has come up with a brilliant initiative to quell this statement which keeps popping up now and then in the conversations. A platform to connect job-seekers with opportunities in the solar sector! Businesses just have to post their personnel requirements on the platform and job seekers can browse through these opportunities to find a position that suits to their skill-sets. Solarmarts with its ‘Job-mart’ is truly creating a difference by acting as the last mile connectivity link between talent and opportunity.



Nupur Shah

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