The New Solar Mall: SolarMarts

The New Solar Mall: SolarMarts

SolarMarts has come up with a great initiative, the one which completely encapsulates the entire Solar industry within its reach, starting right as an online platform for solar equipment such as solar inverters, solar panels, solar pumps, etc. and going many steps forward to double up as a platform that connects the prospective employees looking for jobs in the solar industry with recruiters for companies active in the Renewable sector.

SolarMarts is the first e-platform in the entire country to provide such a versatile set of services that completely engulfs the Solar industry, in that it brings together manufacturers, traders, job seekers, industry experts, as well as a source of information related to the latest developments in the solar industry and general informative articles and blogs about the solar sector.

Below is the list of services offered by the Solar Startup:

ü  SolarMarts connects solar businesses and customers online and enables interaction between them by providing facilities like online quotations, product information, etc.

ü  SolarMarts provides a facility for solar equipment manufacturers/distributors/dealers to trade their products online.

ü  SolarMarts also serves as the source of information in the solar sector by producing informative e-content and publishing solar sector-related blogs and articles.

ü  SolarMarts has created a dedicated Job openings portal for job vacancies in the solar sector.

ü  SolarMarts has an online store that sells some innovative solar products directly through the platform providing doorstep delivery.

In this era of convenience, SolarMarts has finally made choosing to go green as easy as going on to the internet and getting the equipment delivered to your doorstep! Were you looking for a job in the Solar Industry to contribute as an employee to the industry? No need to search for keywords on various job portals; log on to and get connected to the companies looking for dedicated employees for the Solar sector.

The entire journey, that starts with a curious reader about the cause to being a consumer of the plethora of Solar-powered devices available to actually working in the sector is being facilitated by SolarMarts at each and every stage and brought together under the single aegis of the platform that is SolarMarts!

The COVID 19 pandemic really opened up our eyes when complete desertion of roads and the standstill of industries actually sprung up a wondrous sight to behold of AQI indicating good air quality, of more fauna appearing outside, of clearer skies, and much more! The exaggerated power bills in June 2020 were an eye-opener to the masses too that the traditional power consumption is only going to cost more and more. In a pandemic? More so! It really put into perspective all the things that we as humans have mindlessly pursued, and in doing so irreversibly harmed the environment. We, the layman can now contribute on our scale by transitioning to the Environment-friendly etiquettes and SolarMarts is facilitating it.

SolarMarts has enabled us. It’s time we make the move. The green move.



Nupur Shah 

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